Shandong University of Technology (SDUT), founded in 1956, is located in Zibo, the time-honored cradle of Qi Culture. The university is co-sponsored by State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense and Shandong Provincial government. It is one of the key universities of science and engineering fully-supported by Shandong Province. SDUT proudly ranks as one of the following National Pilot Institutions: Education Innovation, “Outstanding Engineers’ Educating & Training Project”, College English Reform, National Education Base of University Students’ KAB Entrepreneurship, Information-based Education Reform. It has been entitled as Qualified Institution for Postgraduate Recommendation. At provincial level, SDUT has been awarded as pilot “Distinctive Institutions of Application-Oriented Education” and one of the first Civilized Universities in Shandong.

SDUT hosts 27 colleges, 20 university research institutes, and 3 post-doctoral research centers. There are 4 PhD and 23 master subjects, 14 master and over 70 bachelor categories of programs. Among them, Agricultural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering and Technology have been honored as Provincial First-class Programs, while such programs as Chemistry and Engineering rank the top 1% of ESI. SDUT has established an academic layout with its 9 major disciplines (engineering, science, economics, management, etc.) developing in harmony. At present, the population of its full-time undergraduate student totals up to over 34,000, and that of graduates over 3,700.

SDUT is outstanding in its environment, laboratories and research centers. With its East Campus and West Campus, SDUT covers 240 hectares and its building area is 1.07million square meters. Its library holds a collection of 3.33 million books, 7.82 million e-books and periodicals (dissertations included). Total value of teaching and research facilities of the university adds up to ¥589 million. SDUT is home to a number of state-level research institutes:there are 2 state virtual teaching centers for simulation experiment, 4 national education centers for engineering practice, 1 sub-laboratory of state key laboratory, 3 state engineering and technology research centers (sub-centers included), 2 engineering research centers sponsored jointly by central and local governments, 1 engineering research center sponsored by Ministry of Education, 21 laboratories sponsored by central and local governments and 1 state key vocational education teacher training base. SDUT also hosts many provincial research centers: there are 3 provincial demonstration centers for experimental teaching,20 laboratory centers for key-discipline teaching, 4 provincial collaborative innovation centers, 2 provincial key laboratories, 5 provincial key university laboratories, 17 provincial engineering research centers, 1 provincial public service center of testing and research, 10 provincial humanities and social sciences research base and 3 provincial engineering laboratories. Shandong Institute of Engineering Technology is located in SDUT, too. 

As to its “software”, SDUT has always been attaching great significance to the strategy of “talents are of first priority”. Recruitment and cultivation of its faculty are equally primary tasks of the university and it therefore ranks among Exemplary Provincial Institutions of Faculty. SDUT has 2,151 teachers, among whom there are 274 professors and 691 associate professors. 1,059 of the teachers are doctoral-degree holders. There are 5 double-hired academicians: 2 foreign academicians from Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, 1 academician from France European Institute of Science, Arts and Humanities Institute, 2 academicians from Georgia National Academy of Sciences. There are state-level talents: 1 top talent recruited through “One Case, One Discussion” Program of Shandong Province, 6 candidates of National Key Engineering Talent Project, 3 awarded as Leading Talents by Ten Thousand Plan, 1 awarded Distinguished Professor of Yangtze River. Besides, 3 teachers are “Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions” while 6 are state-level candidates for Millions of National Engineering Talents, 19 teachers awarded “Special Allowance from the State Council”, 2 from 100 Talents Program by The Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2 from New Century Excellent Talents Support Program of the Ministry of Education. At provincial level, 18 teachers are from “Mount Tai Talent” program, 25 from “Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions to Shandong Province” program. Besides, 12 teachers have been awarded “Shandong Exemplary Teachers” and 60 awarded “Distinguished Professor”.

Teaching is always the focus of SDUT, which can be proved by facts that comprehensive education and teaching reforms are always promoted and encouraged, that the project of talent training quality improvement is always implemented, that high-level professionals with social responsibility, innovative spirit, practical ability and mental and physical health is always the core of SDUT teaching practice. The “12th Five-Year Plan” has seen the university win 31 teaching performance awards above provincial level, including 2nd prizes of national teaching practice, grand prizes of provincial teaching practice, etc. SDUT has 5 national specialty disciplines, 3 disciplines are “Excellence Program” nominated by the Ministry of Education, 5 state-level featured programs, 3 state-level resource-sharing featured courses, 1 national bilingual exemplary course. There are 32 national planning textbooks and 2 national teaching teams.SDUT has been emphasizing its reform of innovation and entrepreneurship education, and as a result, The Dahonglu Maker Space has been awarded by the Ministry of Science and Technology as one of “National Registered Maker Spaces”. During the “12th Five-Year Plan”, more than 8,500 awards have been won in various competitions, namely “Internet Plus” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest for College Students and “Challenge Cup”. Because of high rate and quality of its graduates’ employment, SDUT has been entitled as “Shandong Exemplary Institutions for University Graduates Employment”. Postgraduate education in SDUT is also undergoing profound reform: during the “12th Five-Year Plan”, 71 provincial postgraduate- tutor ability improvement projects and 43 provincial postgraduate education quality improvement projects have been approved. 37 doctoral and master dissertations have been awarded as provincial exemplary. SDUT ranks among the first “Shandong Exemplary Institutions for Postgraduate Management and Discipline-developing”.

Apart from teaching, SDUT has always been proud of its scientific research accomplishments. Adhering to the guideline of “Talents, Achievements, Benefits”, the university has been optimizing its research results to serve regional economic and social development. SDUT takes the initiative to participate in Shandong Major Projects of Old and New Kinetic Energy Conversion (NOKEC), building jointly with the local governments 112 institutes of scientific research and technology transformation, and therefore ranks among “Shandong Exemplary Universities with Outstanding Contribution to Research Cooperation”. Since the “12th Five Year Plan”, SDUT has undertaken more than 1,400 provincial and ministerial level projects, including more than 450 national projects. It has won more than 200 provincial, ministerial and above level scientific research awards. Since 2006, SDUT has won 9 State Science and Technology Awards. In 2018, it won 9 Provincial Science and Technology Awards, and is the top university in the quantity of first prizes. The year of 2019 saw SDUT approved by the Ministry of Education as one of the first bases for scientific and technological achievements transformation and technology transfer, and one of the provincial university science and technology parks. SDUT is now remarkably known by making the highest patent transfer record in China: recognized as “revolutionary and subversive”, the patent of new fluorine-free polyurethane chemical foaming agent brought the university up to ¥500 million as its exclusive patent application fee.And because of this, SDUT won the Special Patent Award of Shandong Province.

Open to the world, SDUT has been promoting its internationalization at both university and school levels. It is cooperating with 105 universities and research institutes in 29 countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Russia. SDUT currently is offering 4 Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run undergraduate programs. As one of the training institutes for international students offering Chinese Government Scholarship, SDUT is promoting international education and there are more than 1,000 international students on campus in 2019. The university is looking at more international academic exchanges and scientific research cooperation: 12 international cooperation laboratories and research centers have been jointly built by SDUT and universities or scientific research institutes, such as Harper Adams University, UK and the European Institute of Science, Art and Humanities, France. 

 “Virtuousness, Erudition, Commitment, Perfection” is the motto of SDUT and nowadays when the new era is unfolding before higher education new challenges as well as opportunities, SDUT is upholding its motto by attaching great importance to its teaching and education, to itsserving national and regional development, to its improving of quality, to its developing with distinctive features, to its pushing forward reform. By giving priority to talents, to its students’ growth, to its cultivation in basic research ability of application and to its integration and collaboration with local government and industries, SDUT is making full effort to stride towards a well-known featured, high-level teaching and research--oriented university in China. 

(Data updated by July, 2020)

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